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Mathnasium is the fastest growing franchising with more than 1,000 locations around the world. We will award only one license for the Master of Franchise Rights for the Country of Indonesia.

Start-up fees and working capital needed to manage Indonesia total approximately $ 700,000 USD. We estimate that Indonesia will accommodate a minimum of 65 locations. Indonesia Master Franchisor Maths will collect an initial fee on each franchise sold and collect an ongoing royalty on each franchise. They will provide their franchisees with training and support using our substantial existing systems and infrastructure.

We're offering a truly unique opportunity: exclusive country-wide franchise rights to one of the most successful franchises of our time. We are looking for one driven, passionate entrepreneur to expand our brand and transform the lives of thousands of Indonesian children. We will grant you just one license, could it be yours? 

Financial Requirements (Total investment range, Net worth required, Startup costs, fees etc.)

• Initial Franchise Fee - range of $ 100K - $ 500K USD

• Ongoing Royalty 13%

• Approximately 40% of Sub Franchise Fees & Royalties

· Minimum Net Worth / Liquid Capital - $ 500,000 USD

· Minimum Total Investment - $ 500,000 USD

· Maximum Total Investment - $ 1,500,000 USD


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We are specifically interested in investors who have the entrepreneurial skills and strong branded business from the ground up. With extensive support from Headquarters, but also with significant freedom for the right partner to inject personal innovation and brilliance into the project. Our process for on-boarding and training for new franchise developers has been honed and perfected over 15+ years. So while it does involve significant commitment and involvement, every single step of the journey will be supported and encouraged by our many specialized franchise development team members.  

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